Financial support and rescheduling of tax debts for the benefit of MSMEs

The new FOGAPE Chile Apoya, approved by Congress and ready for enactment, is an initiative promoted by the Chilean Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance. It seeks to provide financial support to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, who in previous versions, did not have access to this type of program. In addition, it considers a relief in the payment of tax debts by enabling their rescheduling (increasing the number of payment installments from 24 to 48), repaying debts without standing, and a 100% remission of the payment of fines and interest.
This benefit is aimed at MSMEs that meet the requirements to qualify for the Pro Pyme tax regime and also at those that have qualified for the presumptive income regime. It consists of a state guarantee for bank financing of credits for investment and working capital and to refinance debts of companies that have difficulties in meeting their obligations.

What are the requirements to access this benefit?

  • All micro-enterprises
  • Small and Medium Enterprises that meet any of the following criteria
    o Belong to the group of prioritized companies (tourism, culture, agriculture, construction, etc.).
    o Not having taken credits in previous versions (FOGAPE Covid, FOGAPE Reactiva).
    o Having been affected during the social outbreak or situations of rural violence.
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