As professionals, we like to keep abreast of changes and updates to tax legislation. This ensures that your company complies with all tax obligations in Chile such as VAT, Withholding Tax and Corporate Income Tax.

If you are concerned about transfer pricing, we can help you define related entities, perform benchmarking analysis, and draft supporting documents required under tax legislation.

Technology is important for taxes, and so are people. Your personal consultant will ensure that the job is well done.


Your personal consultant

will ensure that the job is well done.

Tax Obligations

We advise you and implement all the processes and prepare all the documentation necessary to open or establish your company in Chile:

  • Start of activities, their classification and electronic invoicing activation.
  • Monthly taxes.
  • Annual taxes and sworn affidavits.
  • Assignment of the tax and commercial domiciles.
  • Assistance in case of tax audits.
  • Tax consulting.

Transfer Prices

We manage with you all the taxes documentation and processes necessary:

  • Define the concerned entitites
  • Identify the operations and application of valuation methods.
  • Analyze comparables.
  • Elaborate and update master file and country file.
  • Adapt your existing documentation to the legislation of each one of the countries in Latin America or, in any other country.