Certificate of Compliance with Labor and Social Security Obligations will be obtained online

As of August 30, the Certificate of Compliance with Labor and Social Security Obligations (F-30-1) must be done exclusively through the digital platform of the Labor Directorate (www.direcciondeltrabajo.cl).

The F-30-1 Certificate allows the employer to certify that it is up to date and has complied with its workers’ labor and social security obligations concerning a work, task, or service.

To carry out the procedure in the digital portal of the Labor Directorate (Mi DT), the employer must have a Unique Code from the Civil Registry and Identification Service and have paid electronically the contributions of all its workers through PreviRed, Caja Los Andes or Caja La Araucana.

In the case of employers incorporated as legal entities, they must also have one or more electronic labor representatives enabled in the My DT portal.

This virtual modality, now available for all types of employers and at no cost, will allow them to obtain the certificate in PDF format using any browser. It also includes the option of verifying documents using a QR code.

It is important to note that the Labor Directorate will keep available the history of previous certificates in the old web portal.
Here, you can review a video tutorial prepared by the DT on how to perform this procedure.

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